Monica van den Berg

Bronze and Clay Sculptures.



Central to my work is humanity, and most notably, the human head, the center of thought, reason, and creativity. My sculptures reflect an intense relationship between myself and the clay with which I am working.

The inspiration of this bronze sculptures as a series was built on the idea of creating a form or sculpture around the lacuna or open space. My observation comes from sea-washed pebbles and shells where holes were created by movements of water, sea and sand. The lacuna will lead light through which it will draw the eye of the viewer to another part of the sculpture. The unfilled space will vary in form from different angles. With this series my intention is to inspire the viewer to take notice of different forms and shapes created by nature.

My work has been accepted in the Ceramics SA exhibitions since 2010. I received a Merit Awards for Expression at the Ceramics SA National Exhibition in 2010 and Merit Award at Ceramics Gauteng Region in 2014.

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Monica van den Berg

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